Zest B2B Services

Specialist service which allows companies to buy directly from Zest for larger quantiies and hence achieve a better purchasing price. We cater for a large section of the market and deliver daily.

The F&B Sector

Hotel / Club F&B
Casual Leasing Food Carts
Food Truck
Supermarkets (for Grab & Go products) /Small Grocery store.

If you are Limited or don’t have production facilities for F&B, have limited labour force for preparations, and like to complement your product range with healthy Zest products.

Zest can offer

Daily delivery (several times/day) of F&B products
White label Branding (Your own brand)

The Health, Beauty & Wellness Segment

Fitness centre
Weight loss centre
Yoga centre
Nail bar
Personal Trainer
Your business is event / teambuilding company
If core business is not F&B but F&B would compliment your business, and you or  don’t have production facilities for F&B or you don’t have F&B on your trade license

Zest can offer

Daily deliveries of F&B products
F&B permit to operate a fridge in your premises

Healthy Organisations

For organisations that understand the important of healthy human resource and would like to feed their employees with healthy food:
Any size small, medium or large companies that care about their employees health

If you are facing employees illnesses, critical path for projects and relying on human resources uptime and you want an alternative to water & soft drinks that employees drink during working hours

Zest can offer

Daily deliveries of F&B products to be given to your employees, such as juices, fruits, soups, sandwiches etc.
Weather it is staff events or customer events Zest can delivery to these events

You’re welcome to contact us on phone 800 ZEST (800 9378), email us on b2b@zest.ae or click on Contact Us to leave a message.

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